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Know your ABCDs

A=Asymmetry - moles that are not perfectly round

B=Border - irregularly shaped border

C=Color - different color mole

D=Diameter - moles larger than a pencil eraser



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Welcome to the home page of

Robert J Weiss, MD PC

The Skin Wizard

Dr Weiss is not your ordinary dermatologist. After attending  pharmacy school at Rutgers University College of Pharmacy, he completed a pharmacy internship at United Hospitals Medical Center in Newark, NJ before attending medical school at Michigan State University. He then performed 5 years of post-medical training, including 3 years of internal medicine followed by a 2 year fellowship in dermatology at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis, MN.

Fortunately for the residents of South Jersey, he relocated to this area and has opened 4 offices to professionally care for patients here.

Because of his unique educational background he is more than qualified to assist you in all phases of your skin care

Here you will find a wealth of information on skin diseases,  skin cancers and skin products for the health of the whole you

Robert J. Weiss, MD PC is extremely qualified to diagnose and treat these problems

Dr Weiss is Board Certified in  Dermatology by the American Board of Dermatology

Board Certified in Internal Medicine by the American Board of Internal Medicine

and is a

Registered Pharmacist


Four Convenient Locations


1721 E. Main
Millville, NJ 08332
(856) 825-3023

3324 Simpson Ave.
Ocean City, NJ 08226
(609) 398-0290


8 Village Dr.
Cape May Court House, NJ 08210
(609) 465-4477

340 Front St.
Elmer, NJ  08318
(856) 358-6155




We accept the following forms of insurance

Blue Cross/Blue Shield


Atlantic Care - PPL

Carpenters Insurance


Quality online products are available for treating skin diseases and aging skin

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