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Take The American Academy of Dermatology Skin Cancer Risk Factor Quiz.

Complete the profile and add up your points:

Hair Color:
Blonde/Red 4
Brown 3
Black 1

Eye Color:
Blue/Green 4
Hazel 3
Brown 2

After one hour in the summer sun, your skin:
Burns, sometimes blisters 4
Burns, then tans 3
Tans 1

Your occupation:
Outside 4
Mixed 3
Inside 2

How many freckles?
Many 5
Some 3
None 1

Has anyone in your family had skin cancer?
Yes 5
No 1

Where in the United States did you grow up?
South 4
Midwest 3
North 2

Total your points to determine your risk levels:
10-15 Below average risk
16-22 Average risk
23-25 High risk
26-30 Very high risk





Cosmetic Procedures

Surgical Procedures

  • surgical removal of skin cancers
  • cryosurgical removal of skin cancers





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